Joint Webinar IAMI - ICAEW: Metaverse is it really the future?

20 Juli 2022 10:22:00

Even though the metaverse is not an entirely novel concept, the term shot into one of the most talked about topic in tech, businesss, and blockchain enthusiast when Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of his company name to Meta and its focus shift to metaverse in October 2021. 

Big businesses are racing to be the first entrants in the space with PwC acquiring the a virtual piece of land in the Sandbox platform, Nike’s establishment of Nikeland in roblox, JP Morgan with its lounge in Decentraland, and many more. Indonesia’s president Joko Widodo iterated the importance of the nation’s readiness to embrace the growth of metaverse.

But is it really the future? This event will bring in expert speakers who will share their first-hand experiences to develop metaverse in their institutions/companies and will elaborate on the different definitions of metaverse, its current use-cases, potential and risks. It will also try to answer what business and finance professionals need to prepare to keep up with this growing trend.

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Date : Wednesday, July 20th 2022
Time : 3.00 - 5.00 PM (WIB)


Information: | 0877 - 5777 - 0487

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